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Snell to unveil Kahuna 360 Compact at NAB

2 April 2012
Snell to unveil Kahuna 360 Compact at NAB

At the 2012 NAB Show, Snell will introduce the Kahuna 360 Compact, a smaller-frame version of the company’s Kahuna 360 video switcher offering 1080p switching in a 6-RU chassis. The new switcher delivers all of the functionality of the full-sized Kahuna 360, with up to three full mix/effects (M/E) and seven keyers per M/E, as well as Snell’s Make M/E technology, which enables multiple independent sublevel switchers. The FormatFusion3 technology provides the ability to mix HD, SD, and single-link 1080p sources into a single production, and has multiple outputs of SD, HD, and 1080p. "Today’s newsroom, studios, and OB trucks operate at a faster pace than ever before while simultaneously supporting a variety of production and format demands such as SD, HD, 1080p, and 3D. The Kahuna 360 Compact offers more firepower and greater flexibility than ever seen before in a switcher of this frame size, with a completely scalable path to the functionality and format support required by any sized production," said John Carter, senior product manager at Snell. "At the 2012 NAB Show, we’re looking forward to showing how the Kahuna 360 Compact can bring Kahuna’s revolutionary technology, massive power, and unmatched flexibility to an even broader range of live production applications." N1820

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