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Snell supports productions at Canal Extremadura

2 February 2012
Snell supports productions at Canal Extremadura

Snell has simplified production at Canal Extremadura, Mérida, Spain. With integrated routing, switching, control, and a multiviewer solution, Canal Extremadura can optimise the handling of video sources across the broadcaster’s control room and studio. The Snell systems include a Sirius 620 router and multiple control panels along with two MV Series multiviewers and a 2-M/E Kahuna multi-format production switcher (pictured) all linked by an Aurora router controller. "The Snell systems give us a high level of control while reducing the complexity of signal routing and identification in our control room and studio," said Francisco Reyes Torremocha, technical manager at Canal Extremadura. Connected to the Aurora controller, the central control room multiviewer extracts source tally names directly from the Aurora system. This means that screen names follow routes as they are changed in the Sirius router. The multiviewer situated in the Canal Extremadura studio is connected to the Kahuna production switcher, and tally names follow the Kahuna and update automatically as paths are changed on the Kahuna.This integrated Snell solution gives staff the ability to maintain a mixture of multiviewer tally names under external control and, at the same time, to update fixed tallies via a keyboard connected directly to the multiviewer. As a result, operators can quickly update the names of monitored signals, using names immediately meaningful to them.

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