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Snell sells first Archangel in UK

2 December 2010
Snell sells first Archangel in UK

Dubbs-Eyeframe has purchased the first Snell Archangel Ph.C-HD restoration system in the UK after beta testing it thoroughly on its restoration work for the Blu-ray edition of The World at War.

Simon Marbrook, head of restoration, Dubbs-Eyeframe, said: “We couldn’t have given the Archangel a more thorough test. The material for The World At War demanded the extensive restoration of a huge amount of material, within a tight timeframe, and at the highest quality to meet Blu-ray standards. Archangel’s comprehensive toolset provides everything we need for high-end restoration, and the system also allows us to work faster – on this project it reduced the amount of frame-by-frame work we would normally have done by around 60-70%.”
“As a growing number of films, features, and drama series are being remastered for sale on DVD and Blu-ray, Archangel Ph.C – HD offers the comprehensive restoration necessary for these productions to meet the high quality expectations of consumers watching on large-screen HDTVs and displays,” said Paola  Hobson, product manager at Snell. “We were delighted to work with Eyeframe and Dubbs during Archangel’s development and we are excited to see it being employed so successfully.”
Image (c) 1973 Thames Television Ltd. Courtesy of FremantleMedia Enterprises

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