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Snell releases Alchemist OD software

19 August 2013

Alchemist OD, the software-only version of Snell’s standards converter and the first product to utilise the company’s On Demand technology, is now available. Launching Alchemist Ph.C-HD (phase correlation) motion-compensated standards converter onto the Snell On Demand platform enables instant access to rapid, anytime processing of media files.

On Demand is a media processing framework that provides access to Snell’s signal processing algorithms in file-based, virtualised broadcast, and digital media environments.

"Alchemist, with its fantastic Ph.C motion-compensation technology, has set the standard for hardware-based processing, and the introduction of Alchemist OD offers this exceptional conversion tool in a software solution that can be deployed on a platform of the user’s choice," said Paola Hobson, senior product manager at Snell. "Supporting a wide range of content standards and file formats, with software available in a convenient, user-configurable package, Alchemist OD is the next leap forward in Snell’s long heritage of providing world-leading standards conversion."

Alchemist OD provides software-based frame-rate conversion, and its applications range from international programme delivery to integration of movies or user-generated material into content schedules.

The software supports a wide range of content standards, and converts incoming files into the standards, formats, and wrappers required by users on their preferred platforms. Using a service-oriented architecture (SOA) approach, it allows conversions to be accessed from media asset management (MAM) systems, allowing conversions to run unattended in an automated workflow.

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