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Snell purchases Phabrix

3 August 2009

Snell has placed an order for several more Phabrix SxAs to compliment the units already in use for the company’s internal test and measurement needs.

At IBC2008, the Phabrix SxA was released as the industry’s first hand-held test and measurement device to support comprehensive 3G/HD/SD measurement to SMPTE standards. The Phabrix SxA received considerable interest when it was awarded the prestigious IABM Peter Wayne award for design and innovation at IBC. Since its release over 300 units have been established in companies worldwide, many into high-end broadcast manufacturers such as Snell who require an easily portable solution in their test department.

“We are delighted that Snell has continued to purchase more Phabrix SxAs to support their internal test and measurement needs’, said Phillip Adams managing director and founder of Phabrix. “With tools for quick and automatic SDI compliance testing, the Phabrix SxA provides a much-needed portable laboratory quality instrument able to record event logging. The combination of a generator and analyser complete with monitoring on the one instrument has made it a quality, cost-effective solution allowing the purchase of many more portable units for the same price as a traditional bench instrument”

Gavin Walker, Snell’s CTO commented: “Before the Phabrix Sx’s we had to share one bench-bound resource. Now we have enough SxAs for each engineer to have access to one.”

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