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Snell launches multiviewer series

7 April 2010
Snell launches multiviewer series

Snell has announced the release of the MV–Series of multiviewers that accept up to 64 video inputs, and are complemented by audio metering and monitoring of up to 16 channels per tile.

"The real power of the MV–Series is realised when it is attached to Snell’s Sirius 800 router. The Sirius 800’s dedicated multiviewer outputs enables up to 576 input signals to be monitored on any MV screen without sacrificing any router capability," said Alan Smith, product manager at Snell. "As part of Snell’s extensive control and monitoring range, the MV–Series offers powerful and flexible status monitoring across the Snell product line, or from external devices. Parameters can be monitored or displayed in a user-configurable format to provide, for example, loss of signal indication at any point in the signal chain."

Available in single 64-input or dual 32-input versions, the MV–Series features a wide array of easy-to-configure options, including tile content, size, labels, and positioning which may be adjusted along with the background to suit any application. The system also allows clocks, timers, timecode readers, UMDs, tallies, and event indicators to be displayed as required. All parameters can be adjusted quickly, and users can recall or even schedule preset configurations for instant access to the desired multiviewer layout. MV–Remote, an optional remote control panel for instant recall of presets, is also available.

It can handle virtually any video format up to 1080p, and is capable of displaying inputs of differing framerates simultaneously. Optional input cards for fibre connectivity are available for 270Mbps, 1.5Gbps, and 3Gbps SDI/HD-SDI. Comprehensive audio metering enables up to 16 channels of audio to be displayed per tile, superimposed as bar graphs, or placed outside the video image. Audio sources may be embedded or external analogue, AES/EBU, or Dolby depending on the optional cards selected. International standard scales and ballistics (including loudness) are supported and may be set by the user.

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