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Snell introduces the Kahuna 360

12 April 2010
Snell introduces the Kahuna 360

Snell’s new Kahuna 360 promises to couple “the ultimate switcher flexibility and scalability” with the ability to support 16 simultaneous broadcast productions in a single mainframe.

"Kahuna 360 unites the powerful feature set for which the Kahuna family is known, with unique adaptability that not only maximises the life and value of the switcher investment, but also gives technical directors unmatched freedom in combining switcher elements, keyers, DVE, and effects to create any on-air style," said John Carter, product manager at Snell. "By breaking away from conventional fixed configurations and providing an approach that enables multiple branded outputs for any feed requirement, Kahuna 360 opens the door to greater creativity and efficiency even in the most challenging production environments."

Employing live assist and workflow tools to streamline operations, the robust new switcher platform from Snell reduces the likelihood of error and enables the turnaround of content in seconds. Rapid recall options further enhance efficiency by allowing users to reconfigure entire studios and trucks for different productions almost instantly.

Snell’s proprietary Format Fusion3 technology, built into Kahuna 360, supports any combination of SD, HD, and 3G/1080p inputs and outputs, seamlessly converting them to and from the required standards. This capability eliminates the need for external conversion equipment, reduces initial capital outlay, removes system timing issues, and saves valuable engineering and setup time typically required for mobile production units and other regularly changing environments. Kahuna 360 thus accommodates a cost-effective shift to the industry’s highest standards, supporting a controlled format migration capable of driving new business and revenue-generation opportunities.

Also integrated into Kahuna 360 is Snell’s patent-pending EPP (Enhanced Progressive Processing) which provides unparalleled quality in video processing. "Snell’s heritage of industry-leading image processing is clearly reflected in Kahuna 360," said Neil Maycock, CMO at Snell. "With technologies such as Format Fusion3 and EPP, Kahuna 360 doesn’t simply support 1080p, it provides unmatched capabilities and image quality."

The Kahuna 360, like the rest of the Kahuna range, handles 3D content with ease. Supporting stereoscopic video on a single M/E, the switchers have the unique capability to calibrate 3D images internally, including the ability to change depth of focus by adjusting left right convergence.

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