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Snell boosts RBB efficiency

9 December 2013
Snell boosts RBB efficiency

Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB), the German federal broadcast based in Potsdam, has installed switching and infrastructure from Snell to achieve maximum flexibility and efficiency for two studios recently upgraded to HD. The system allows both studios to operate from a single production switcher frame, using dedicated control panels for each studio.

The installation is built around a Kahuna 360 production switcher, along with a Sirius 830 multi-format router. The resources of the Kahuna 360 can be allocated across the two studios as required, supporting simultaneous productions.

“This new Snell installation gives us the flexibility to leverage our studio space and equipment to a much greater advantage, running a higher number of productions more efficiently and cost-effectively,” said Wolfgang Hanke, head of technical production at RBB Potsdam.

“We have realised significant workflow benefits already, and as we move forward the built-in support for 1080p on Kahuna 360 and Sirius 830 will simplify continued enhancement of our HD production capabilities,” Hanke added.
The Sirius 830 router supports SD, HD, ASI and 3Gb/s signals, with embedded, AES and MADI audio. Processing support on all inputs and outputs mean it is simple to route anything to anywhere, including audio track swapping and embedding along the way.

With this capability, AES can route any combination of signals as needed. This means the broadcaster can reconfigure its studios quickly and easily. In turn, this reduces the turnaround time between jobs, greatly improving the productivity of the studios while controlling capital investment.

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