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SMPTE hosts 4K symposium

17 October 2013
SMPTE hosts 4K symposium

SMPTE’s one-day symposium "Next-Generation Imaging Formats: More, Faster, and Better Pixels," aims to feature the largest collection of 4K/UHD equipment yet presented in a single room. Offered in conjunction with the SMPTE 2013 Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition in L.A., the one-day symposium will take place on 21 October, with the 4K demo area remaining open until 23 October.

Organised by Insight Media in collaboration with SMPTE, the 4K/UHD demo area will showcase various image processing and scaling engines and their ability to produce 4K/UHD content from lower-resolution sources, as well as HEVC codec demos to showcase the quality possible for delivery of 4K content. Participants will include such companies as Altera, Canon, Cisco, Colorfront, Elemental Technologies, Quantel, Rovi, Samsung, Sony, and Video Clarity.

By illustrating the effect of upscaling and conversion engines on 1080p content shown on a UHD TV, the demo hopes to address concerns that the current dearth of 4K native content might prevent the rollout of 4K products and services. Also, a team from Canon, Colorfront, and Quantel will showcase live and file-based 4K production workflows.

"The SMPTE Symposium’s 4K/UHD demo area offers visitors a unique opportunity to see just how well the latest scaling and encoding technologies deliver 4K content and to assess the quality of native 4K and processed content side by side on a variety of the latest 4K displays," said Barbara Lange, executive director at SMPTE.

Chris Chinnock, president of Insight Media, added,"With this valuable perspective on the maturity of 4K-focused technology, content providers will be much better positioned to make strategic decisions about their own approach to 4K implementation and service offerings.”

The SMPTE 2013 Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition runs from 22-24 October. Both the Symposium and the 4K demonstration will take place at the Loews Hollywood Hotel in Los Angeles. Further details about the event, including registration, are available at

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