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Smoke & Mirrors totally tapeless with AmberFin

31 August 2012
Smoke & Mirrors totally tapeless with AmberFin

AmberFin has sold its iCR ingest, file playback and unified quality control (UQC) software-based systems to independent Soho-based post production facility Smoke & Mirrors. Providing a cornerstone of Smoke & Mirror’s new file-based workflow, AmberFin iCR is being used in content repurposing operations with file playback and UQC including Digimetric’s Aurora Pro software system within the platform. Using AmberFin iCR, Smoke & Mirrors can efficiently repurpose uncompressed Quicktime masters of varying specifications to a single mezzanine format. According to Smoke & Mirrors’ CTO, Mark Wildig: “AmberFin iCR provides an effective balance between automated QC of technical characteristics and manual QC of subjective market-specific content. Tracking of both detailed QC data and associated skilled human judgement calls provides a robust audit trail for all materials produced within our facility.” Previous workflows at Smoke & Mirrors were heavily reliant on tape, which though extremely robust, meant that scaling was expensive in terms of both hardware and staffing. “Our clients are better served through the increased efficiencies provided by a fully tapeless internal workflow,” commented Wildig. “Likewise, iCR provides a file QC environment on a par with the traditional videotape hardware route, along with the added benefits of file-based working.


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