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Smith to speak at IABM conference

16 November 2010
Smith to speak at IABM conference

Clyde Smith, senior vice president of global broadcast technology and standards for the Turner Broadcasting System, will be a guest panelist at the upcoming IABM conference.

An annual gathering of broadcasting professionals from all areas of the industry, the 2010 IABM conference will take place Dec. 2-3 at the Savill Court Hotel in Windsor Great Park, U.K.

“The biggest trend facing our industry now is the requirement to deliver content across an ever-divergent field of target platforms, with consumers expecting to access more content across a wider selection of devices. The IABM is extremely valuable because it provides a forum for manufacturers to discuss commonalities of working; for instance, finding ways to minimize the variations in video codecs to produce versatile, all-inclusive products, or to develop common solutions for serving the visual and hearing impaired,” said Smith. “With the IABM, manufacturers and end users such as Turner can build a bridge of understanding about their issues. This enables us to share points of view and find common ground for meeting the challenges that affect all of us.”

As a member of the Turner senior management team, Smith oversees strategic technology planning, processes, and standards for broadcast and production technology operations for the media company’s domestic and international news and entertainment groups. He previously held key executive positions at Speer Worldwide Digital and Lockheed Space Operations Company. At the IABM conference on December 3, Smith will participate on two panels: “Production and Distribution Workflows – What’s Next?” and “Successful Projects: On Time, On Budget, Happy Customers.”

“We are indeed honored to have Clyde Smith’s participation in this year’s conference. His broad perspective on the industry and deep understanding of the challenges facing today’s content providers will bring a powerful dimension to the panel discussions,” said Peter White, IABM’s director general. “Clyde is an excellent example of the high caliber of the sessions we’ve planned for this year’s conference, designed to expose companies from all sides of the business to different approaches and help them work together to improve their interactions with key business partners.”

The 2010 IABM Conference is sponsored by IBC, TVBEurope, Bridge Technologies, Bubble & Squeak, Caspian:one, Effectivus, and Whiteoaks. For the complete programme with detailed information about conference speakers and sessions, as well as online registration, visit

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