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Smallest, lightest Ka band satellite terminal

17 September 2012
Smallest, lightest Ka band satellite terminal

Front of stage on the Vislink stand was what the company’s newly-appointed chief marketing officer Lance Hiley claimed was the world’s smallest and lightest Ka band portable satellite terminal.

The ADVENT Mantis MSAT Man Portable Data Terminal is, in fact, capable of Ku band and X band also: it is the Ka band variant that was making its debut at IBC.

Weighing only 12.5kgs, the terminal, according to Hiley, can be set up by just one person in less than five minutes. The BUC is designed to be a simple clip on/clip off, allowing bands to be changed rapidly. Capable of mains or battery operation, the unit can be deployed in hostile environments: it features, according to Hiley, as few moving parts as possible in order to maximise reliability.

Hiley was also enthused by what VisLink’s recent acquisition of Gigawave has brought to the company. “We now have two talented teams of engineers working together,” he said. Among the products that have resulted from the union are rugged, lightweight cameras and transmitters capable of being deployed on unmanned vehicles, offering the possibility of far less intrusive ‘from the air’ coverage of a wide range of events, especially sports. – Ian McMurray 

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