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Sky News in historic court camera installation

7 November 2013
Sky News in historic court camera installation

The British High Court has opened to video broadcast for the first time, and Sky News has installed multiple PTZ cameras in the Courts of Justice, using IntraTec and Teradek wireless technology. Using WiFi to control cameras and wireless SDI senders to transmit full HD pictures, live television is now produced in the courtroom using a single operator.

As a result of cabling and space restrictions in court, George Davies, head of cameras at Sky News, used IntraTec Bridge Duo Remote PTZ kits to allow for multi-cam pictures to be recorded. These remote units include connectors that power the camera, WiFi sender and video transmitter.

"Listed buildings don’t take kindly to mounts being fixed to walls or cables being secured to ancient oak paneling,” said Richard Payne of distributor Holdan. “Going wireless with IntraTec and Teradek was a great solution for Sky News, delivering all-day HD filming with no compromise."

The solution uses a combination of its new IntraTec Bridge Duo and Bridge units for wireless control, a Teradek Bolt for wireless video, and a Panasonic HE120 camera. This allowed a PTZ camera to be wireless for control, power and picture transmission. Broadcasters can locate cameras in any position for extended shoots, with no consideration for cabling, control cables or power supplies.

The IntraTec Bridge Duo 2 units and miniaturised IntraTec Bridge 2 units are designed for maximum WiFi range, in excess of 250m. Both provide a way to connect any video equipment that features network connections over large distances using WiFi. Video signals from the PTZ were transmitted uncompressed and with zero latency by Teradek’s Bolt, and were received by a Bolt receiver which passes the video into the live production desk.

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