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Sky Italia kicks off with Studer

19 March 2007

Sky Italia has purchased one of the first Studer Vista 5 digital consoles in Italy for use on ‘Diretta Gol’, its satellite TV coverage of the national Serie A league and UEFA Champions League football. The Sports Department at Sky’s studios in Milan has installed the compact Vista 5 mixer in a dedicated audio studio, adjacent to the busy production room where 16 commentators each work on a separate monitor, covering different matches.

All the matches in Italy’s Serie A League are covered here; the studio receiving feeds from stadia all over the country, adding commentary and preparing the broadcast audio. The Vista 5’s compact frame and simple connectivity has enabled the Sky Italia team to squeeze it into a small temporary studio, completing the installation in just ten days.

The 32-fader desk uses channel layers to distribute its feeds, which include 16 channels for the commentators, 16 channels of audio coming from the stadia, as well as auxiliary feeds such as intercom, checking on-air, etc. The VCA facilities are used to organise each match commentator in the studio with the right stadium feed, all of which have different levels. In total, more than 50 connections are made to different OB vans, making this quite a complex production to manage.

However, with the Studer Vista 5, up to 52 outputs can be under immediate control using the standard Vistonics screen, and a total of up to 240 channels can be accessed from the desk and laid out in any order, with the Vistonics system giving instant control over all related channel functions.

Marco Stucchi, technical coordinator of the studios, explained: “The Vista 5 was the best match to our requirements; the Vistonics interface is so simple and easy to use that it is ideal for our high-pressure environment with 16 simultaneous live events.”

In addition, he pointed out that his technicians had been quick to learn how to use the Vista 5 because its software concepts have so much in common with the Studer D-950 MkII digital console, which Sky Italia is using as the overall audio console which ties this whole production together.

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