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Sky extends Rant & Rave partnership

14 December 2015
Sky extends Rant & Rave partnership

Sky has extended its partnership with engagement specialists Rant & Rave to poll public viewer opinion in real time.

The first poll, which took place on 3 December, gathered data from 2,073 messages, sent to Sky customers asking “Do you support the British airstrikes against I.S. in Syria?”

In September, Sky deployed Rant & Rave to capture the voice of its customers via text message and email in an effort to understand what really matters to them. Customers have been invited to share their feedback in their own words before Sentiment Analysis technology is used to understand the tone of their comments automatically. Sky use the insight gathered to simplify processes, identify training opportunities and attempt to optimise its products, services and overall customer experience.

Dennis Fois, CEO at Rant & Rave’s, said, “It’s great to see a credible organisation like Sky News using audience communication technology to proactively invite their viewers to share their thoughts on breaking news as and when it happens. We’re thrilled to be helping them to do so.”

Following on from the successful launch, Sky News will now use the same technology to capture public opinion on topical stories in the news. From December 2015 customers identified by their demographic profiles will be invited via text message to take part in live polls, with the weighted results shared on air as soon as all participants have responded.

Daragh Kelly, insight & decision science director at Sky, said “Text messages are such a simple way of gauging the views of the nation quickly and easily. This solution will give our news teams the ability to identify a topic in the morning, decide on the target responders and instantly initiate the poll, with results ready for transmission later that same day.”

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