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Six of the best from Gefen

2 September 2013
Six of the best from Gefen

Amongst an impressively wide raft of new products on show in Amsterdam, Gefen is presenting six stand-alone extenders for professional uses, including a couple that support 4K resolution.

The DVI Extender over CAT-6 with Galvanic Isolator extends DVI up to 100 metres using one CAT-6 cable. The technology provides up to 5kV galvanic isolation between devices, and supports resolutions up to 1920×1200.

The DVI ELR (Extra Long Range) Lite Extender over CAT-5 delivers DVI up to 70 metres using one CAT-5 cable. It also extends power over the same cable using Gefen POL (Power Over Line) technology, which releases the receiver from requiring a power supply.

The DisplayPort KVM Extender over CAT-7 extender delivers 2560×1600 resolution video with two USB 2.0 peripherals up to 30 metres using three CAT-7 cables. It is designed to create an extension of the workspace including keyboard/mouse functionality from the actual computer and is recommended for studios and editing bays.

The DisplayPort EDID Detective Plus prevents signal loss when extending high resolution DisplayPort video. Displays use EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) to communicate key information, including resolutions and timings supported, to the source.

The HD Extender over Fibre for Ultra HD supports the extension of HDMI resolutions up to 4K, RS-232 and bi-directional IR up to 500 metres using one fibre optic cable.
The HD Booster w/EDID Detective extends HDMI up to 50 metres using standard copper cabling. It supports resolutions up to 4K.

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