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Six DVS SpycerBoxes for Postique’s workflow

2 September 2011
Six DVS SpycerBoxes for Postique’s workflow

Bangkok post facility Postique has turned to DVS for a storage upgrade that includes four SpycerBox Flex systems for online storage, two SpycerBox Ultra as a central staging area to interconnect multiple departments, and a DVS-SAN with 140 TB near-line storage, writes Carolyn Giardina.

All workstations and grading nodes can access the SpycerBoxes as SAN or NAS systems. As part of the shared storage system, Postique’s legacy SAN components have been integrated into the DVS-SAN infrastructure. The stand-alone defragmentation tool Mephisto handles defragmenting and descattering.

The DVS software Spycer is used for facility-wide, cross-platform data management. Users can search the entire network for image data and their metadata and move the content where it is currently needed.

Three Clipsters are at the heart of Postique’s DI workflow, offering features including real-time conforming, real-time processing of RAW files, and faster than real-time DCI Mastering.

“As we faced increased bookings and tighter schedules, we chose DVS as a reliable partner to upgrade and enhance our system backbone,” said Bobbie Wong, president at Postique, which is an extension of Oriental Post. “Our new DVS equipment completes our DI workflow and will help us exceed our customers’ requirements.”

DVS is a Rohde & Schwarz company.


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