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Sitcom selects Etere asset managment

12 December 2012
Sitcom selects Etere asset managment

Italy’s Sitcom has chosen Etere MERP as the end-to-end asset management platform for all content related to its archive and playout for six main channels (Marco Polo, Alice, Nuvolari, Leonardo, Arturo and LTTV vetrina) and a spare channel for emergency failover. All channels are aired by Etere Automation controlling Nexio video servers, which is integrated into the Etere solution. Etere Automation also manages channel branding and master control for each playout channel while Etere Ingest provides Sitcom with a wide range of tools for ingesting media from any source either manually or automatically. Content is also uploaded to playout servers or nearline storage across the Etere Tapeless Reception. Etere Data Mover is the module that allows the automatic transferring of clips from video servers to external near-line storage archives and between video servers, where they will be available for automatic recovery based on channel playlist or on-demand by users. Etere Air Sales is the core for commercials contract management and planning which allows the placing of spots, series and programs into broadcast schedules. The Executive Editor module allows scheduling operators to prepare, finalise, check and publish broadcast schedules including secondary events. “Thanks to Etere, Sitcom manages five TV channels, including the acquisition and scheduling of advertising traffic. Over time in the original system were included additional modules, such as Media Management and the management of a cache ‘slow’. Recently, the access through a web interface has been also implemented,” said Mr. Riccardo Papi, media director of

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