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Sit-Up channels shop for Chyron

19 November 2007

UK-based shopping broadcaster sit-up channels, part of Virgin Media, has installed seven Chyron HD/SD-switchable HyperX graphics systems to boost the graphical presentation available for it range of bid tv, price-drop tv and speed auction tv channels on cable, satellite and Freeview platforms, reports David Fox.

Earlier this autumn, the channels extended their offering to customers by adding the choice of size or colour for many of the product ranges. Sit-up channels selected the HyperX graphics systems, to handle the extra graphics this requirement needed to display different sizes, colours, stock levels and price.

Chyron’s LEIF API enables real-time graphics display, based on data from sit-up channels’ Sales Management System. The API uses the powerful Lyric PRO render engine and allows sit-up channels’ software designers access to all Lyric PRO features, including 3D graphic object manipulation and creation, and data binding for automated control of graphic elements.

“The installation of the Chyron systems has been highly successful, allowing us to launch the new product choice to our customers on time,” declared Robin Hawkins, sit-up channels’ Head of Commercial Development.

“We needed a graphics engine that could fully integrate with our Sales Management System and deliver outstanding graphics that could cope with our dynamic method of selling. The Chyron systems have met all of our launch expectations, with the expectation of increased use of the 3D functionality offered by Lyric in the New Year.”

David Ward, Chyron’s VP and General Manager, EAME added, “We are delighted to announce this sale to sit-up channels. The fast-moving nature of sit-up channels’ live broadcasts requires a sophisticated system that can keep up with the action.”

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