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Simplified live workflow

4 January 2013
Simplified live workflow

Quicklink and Blackmagic Design have collaborated on a new live broadcast solution, particularly aimed at journalists in the field. The system is aimed at flexibility, being lightweight as well as cost-effective. The journalist team simply shoots with any camcorder, connected to the Quicklink UltraStudio media encoder over SDI or HDMI. The UltraStudio encoder connects to a Mac over Thunderbolt: if you use a MacBook Air the combined weight of computer and encoder is under 1.1kg. From the Mac the content is streamed over the internet. QuickLink Mac Live software ensures the best quality is achieved for the available bandwidth, which can be over 3G mobile data or Ka-band satellite as well as ethernet or Wifi to the public internet. The user interface is designed to be simple and fast under pressure. At the studio the companion QuickLink playout server outputs SDI to the newsroom switcher for live broadcasting, or buffers the stream for subsequent transmission.

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