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Signiant and Dalet form technology partnership

30 March 2012
Signiant and Dalet form technology partnership

Asset management specialist Dalet and file transport company Signiant have announced a technology partnership and API integration. Through this collaboration, the two companies claim to have optimised essence manipulation and metadata management across multi-site operations. In contribution workflows content can be automatically imported into the system, saving time and resources. Transfers including conversions into different formats with associated metadata can also be automated, for site to site or multi-site delivery. In all cases, Signiant uses all available bandwidth to accelerate transfers, and Dalet creates a cross-system MAM with a central catalogue that manages essence and metadata. Assets are readily searchable and accessible across the organisation, using Dalet tools or other third-party broadcast or business systems. “The Dalet/Signiant partnership is a definite win-win for our customers, making multi-site collaboration and access to content seamless, whether through a central content catalogue or multiple independent databases that communicate together,” said Raoul Cospen, Dalet marketing director. “The Dalet workflow engine can seamlessly control the Signiant platform to trigger exchanges that move and copy video between multiple sites. “It is transparent for the users, and exchanges are faster and optimised,” he added. For Signiant, Rick Clarkson said: “We understand the complexity of what our customers are trying to achieve. As files move around the world they must originate from and arrive into a tightly integrated technology ecosystem. “Our partnership with Dalet addresses this level of technical integration, and it is a logical step in both companies’ ongoing strategies to deliver maximum end-to-end value in workflow automation.”


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