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Signalhorn guards EUROVISION Network continuity

20 March 2013
Signalhorn guards EUROVISION Network continuity

Signalhorn is supporting phase two of the EUROVISION Network Operations Center B (NOC B) rollout to ensure uninterrupted coverage of sports events, including the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League. In 2012, EUROVISION launched phase one of the NOC B backup network control center at Signalhorn’s Swiss technical centre to reinforce transmission continuity in the event of unforeseen broadcasting disruptions. During phase two, technology will be upgraded, the emergency switching process will be automated, and the facility’s benefits will be extended to all network operations. The EUROVISION NOC B, 100 kilometers east of Geneva, is the most advanced such facility within the EUROVISION Network, and functions as a safety net in the event of disruption. The network manages hundreds of events, amounting to more than 30,000 hours of premium live programming, and thereby requires a solid backup solution to avoid service interruption. "The various telecommunications services Signalhorn provides directly support our core business. In an emergency we can switch between Geneva and Leuk immediately, ensuring the viewing experience is not compromised," said EUROVISION Network director Graham Warren. "This automation will enable the Network management and control to be carried out from either Geneva or NOC B in Leuk in the event of an emergency, adding security." Signalhorn’s president of Swiss Operations Marc Buschta said: "We provide EUROVISION with tailored services including colocation space and antenna services for their state-of-the-art NOC B and their global telecommunications requirements. The extent of our technical support and security of our facility are ideal for operations such as these. We take our commitment to customers very seriously; this project showcases various services we provide."

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