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Signal processing enhancements from Cobalt

5 September 2013
Signal processing enhancements from Cobalt

Conversion gear manufacturer Cobalt Digital is showing a host of new and enhanced signal processing cards. Included is a new series of terminal gear cards called OBSIDIAN3G as well as improvements to both its 9084 Compass HD/SD-SDI RGB colour correction card and its Spotcheck audio loudness measurement and recorded data logging system.

OBSIDIAN3G debuts with a down-converter series that combines low power with a high-density design and the potential to include 20 cards per frame in a dual-channel unit.

Features include 3G/HD/SD-SDI input, frame sync, SDI re-clocking, SD-SDI and analogue video/audio outputs. The cards can also auto-detect and down convert SMPTE 425/292/259M formats, perform aspect ratio conversion and can pan and zoom.

The OBSIDIAN3G cards on show at IBC are the 9501-DCDA-3G, the 9501-DCDA-HD and the 9502-DCDA-3G.

The improvements to Spotcheck include enhanced compliance monitoring and logging capabilities. The newest version, Spotcheck-2016, can handle up to 16 video channels containing up to 32 audio channels and monitors, meters and logs loudness compliance over extended time-periods.

Following the updates, it now supports H.264, MPEG-2, MP1L2, DD, and AAC codecs and includes live audio meters, thumbnails, transport stream manager and ASI gateway.

At the same time, Cobalt’s 9084 Compass HD/SD-SDI RGB colour correction card has also been updated and now offers realtime adjustment features that can be made from the its OGCP-9000/CC remote control panel. The 9084 offers RGB-space colour correction with YcbCr proc features and frame sync for HD/SD-SDI video streams.

Also on show at IBC are fibre units for Cobalt’s recently released Blue Box Group throw-down modular bricks

Cobalt Digital EVP sales and marketing Chris Shaw said: “As always, our goal is to keep customers ahead of the technology curve in a competitive market with reliable, cost-effective gear.”

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