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Siemens enables Freeview HD

16 March 2010

Siemens IT Solutions and Services is supplying the BBC with HD coding and multiplexing to enable viewers to watch TV programmes in high definition on DTT for the first time.

In a phased rollout, the Corporation’s overall project will eventually lead to at least four high definition channels being available across almost all UK households, including those from other public service broadcasters, such as ITV, S4C and Channel 4.

Siemens IT Solutions and Services designed, built and is responsible for rolling out and supporting the HD coding and multiplexing solution as part of a managed service until March 2015. The HD on DTT solution is based on proven design principles established by Siemens IT Solutions and Services delivering coding and multiplexing services to the broadcaster. In mid 2009 the company successfully completed the Centralised Coding and Multiplexing (CCM) project for the BBC which laid the foundations for providing HD on DTT.

Using advanced statistical multiplexing, transmission, and compression technologies, Siemens IT Solutions and Services has engineered the system to avoid any single point of failure within the transmission chain. This is complemented by comprehensive monitoring of incoming, coded and outgoing services.

John Pink, media sector director for Siemens IT Solutions and Services said: “This is a ground-breaking project for the BBC that will provide a high quality viewing experience without the ongoing cost posed by satellite or cable-based HD services. We are pleased to be playing our part in enabling many UK viewers to enjoy, for instance, the World Cup in high definition this year. By 2012, the vast majority of UK viewers will be able to enjoy at least four channels in HD delivered down their TV aerials.”

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