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Showbox launches cloud video production platform

14 April 2016
Showbox launches cloud video production platform

Showbox has released an online platform designed to allow businesses to grow brand awareness cost effectively.

The platform was developed in partnership with Fullscreen, BroadbandTV, StyleHaul, AwesomenessTV, ZoomIn and BuzzMyVideos.

Effi Attad, Showbox CEO and co-founder, said, “Digital creators are constantly pushing the creative boundaries, and we could not be more excited to match them with an equally boundary-defying platform which will enable them to truly test the limits of where their creativity can take them.

“We recognised the market lacked a professional video production platform that allowed creators, publisher and brands to fully maximise the video opportunity and scale their activities all at the same time.”

As well as aiming for cost effectiveness, Showbox also aims to greatly reduce production time. It features automatic footage, audio enhancements and auto-mixing features, with virtual background replacement technology that does not require a green screen.

“We are excited to be working with Showbox as their platform empowers our talented creators to streamline their video creation while raising the calibre of professional quality video content necessary to set new standards in online video production,” said Parker Jones, vice president of networks at Fullscreen.

“Partnerships like these help us build the future of the entertainment industry by delivering the most engaged and powerful media experience around the world.”

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