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Shout and engage to make TV social

29 August 2012
Shout and engage to make TV social

Shout, a software application that enables broadcasters to bring social media commentary into their live broadcasts; and Engage, a second screen and social TV platform, are making their European debut at Chyron’s IBC stand.

“The beauty of both of these applications is how easily they integrate with our existing workflows, enabling broadcasters to deepen and personalise their relationship with viewers — representing a very big ‘social media bang’ at incremental cost to the broadcasters,” said Paul Glasgow, vice president of EMEA sales at Chyron.

With Shout, broadcasters can monitor, select, adjust, and route social media conversations to broadcast graphics systems either for on-air playback or for storage as data files for later use. Multiple instances of Shout running across a facility can be used simultaneously by different staff members to view content and moderate the same playback list.

Users can add, remove, and authenticate multiple social media accounts from sources like Twitter, Facebook, RSS, and Mass Relevance, each of which has its own playback controller, playback-style settings, and filters, as well as an automated find-and-replace feature that defines words and phrases that will be automatically replaced with new text.

Engage, meanwhile, was developed to give broadcasters the ability to add viewer interactivity such as votes, polls, and tweet battles into live news and sports programming, along with call-to-action graphics and infographics.

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