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Shotoku shows robotic and manual camera systems

5 March 2014
Shotoku shows robotic and manual camera systems

At NAB Shotoku will show the enhancements to its manual camera support range with the new carbon fibre tripod system and pan and tilt solutions. It will also unveil its new ncam camera tracking system.

Shotoku’s new two-stage TTH1502C carbon fibre tripod gives operators a lightweight yet sturdy tripod system, suitable for EFP or documentary production. The tripod weighs 5.9kg, features a 150mm bowl base, and stands over 1615mm tall at its maximum height.  

One of the company’s latest mid-weight EFP pan and tilt fluid heads, the SX300 features a 40kg payload and wide-balance capability, and supports an array of cameras, lenses and accessories. The 300 head accommodates flat base or 150mm ball and the SX300 can be matched with Shotoku’s TP200, a two-stage pneumatic pedestal.

The SG900 manual pan and tilt head is suited to OB and studio production with teleprompters or box type lenses, supports 90kg, and features single knob balance adjustment. The unit incorporates the VISCAM ultimate fluid drag system to control smooth pan and tilt movement and REULAUX perfect balance system for maintaining the camera’s centre of gravity.

The ncam camera tracking system features a multi-sensing bar mounted on the studio camera that provides realtime data to its associated tracking server.  ncam provides complete 8-axis 3D position information via industry standard protocols compatible with any VR/AR graphics system.  

The company is also showcasing its advanced TK-53VR crane and its entire range of control systems will be available for demonstration.


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