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ShotLogger goes Live

4 April 2012
ShotLogger goes Live

Suitcase TV has launched ShotLogger Live, which allows users to create multiple versions and formats of live content in realtime.

ShotLogger has always allowed users to tag pre-recorded content with as much metadata as possible. Key events can be tagged with timecode accuracy making the compilation of a highlights package or promo quick and easy.

Now new ShotLogger ‘Live’ takes this process a huge step further, by tagging metadata against a live stream. It enables operators to mark-up sensitive images and tag these for re-processing, such as deletion, blurring, pixelisation as well as any audio track bleeping. This process of redaction also enables content to be made broadcast ready for catch-up and VoD type broadcast.

MediaXchange renderer uses the captured live stream and pre-defined visual effect templates with the new metadata to publish the new content as little as five minutes after broadcast.

The ‘re-purposed’ content is then available in multiple formats and ready to publish to multiple locations.

With 1000s of additional hours of sports content being generated by the London Olympics, Paralympics and UEFA Championships this year, additional revenue generation and edit suite use are paramount. 

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