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Sharing means saving for G&D

5 September 2013
Sharing means saving for G&D

With the company’s new ControlCenter-Digital, Guntermann & Drunck says that it has added yet another high-quality matrix switch to its broad range of KVM solutions.

The ControlCenter-Digital modular KVM matrix switch allows users to operate up to thousands of computers over hundreds of simultaneous consoles consisting of keyboard, monitor and mouse – even over long distances. Thanks to the ControlCenter-Digital’s modularity, all parts of the matrix can be easily replaced.

Existing Guntermann & Drunck DVICenter KVM hardware can be used as a basis for leveraging the ControlCenter-Digital’s advanced modules and features. Numerous new features, like the integration of fibre transmission, are being presented at IBC. Restrictions on transmission distance are no longer an issue, the company says: thanks to fibre optics, users and computers can be placed up to 10,000m apart from each other. With the appropriate module, VGA and DisplayPort can also be easily integrated into the system.

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