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SGT/Vivesta details ODG VOD contract

27 October 2011
SGT/Vivesta details ODG VOD contract

SGT/Vivesta has released information about a major new contract with On Demand Group (ODG) to provide VOD scheduling and management software solutions.

Based in London, ODG is a leading video-on-demand specialist, managing services including content acquisition and aggregation, marketing and programming, content processing, software services and on-screen promotion.

The MediaFlow software provided by SGT/Vivesta will allow ODG to streamline operations and continue its expansion in the global video-on-demand marketplace.

“With the introduction of this SGT/Vivesta solution into our operations we will be able to continue to increase our content output at an unprecedented rate,” said ODG’s Andrew Bolton. “MediaFlow gives us the ability to manage the complexity and breadth of our content rights across multiple services, territories and end-user devices.”

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