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SGT solution provides playout automation for Swiss broadcaster

28 July 2011
SGT solution provides playout automation for Swiss broadcaster

Software provider SGT’s VEDA solution has been selected by Swiss audio-visual production firm tpc for use in its Zurich broadcast centre. A subsidiary of SRG SSR, tpc handles production and broadcasting of the German-speaking SRF radio and television programmes in Switzerland.

SGT has already provided playout automation solutions for tpc sister companies RTS (Radio Télévision Suisse) and RSI (Radiotelevisione svizzera di lingua italiana).

In the course of this year, SGT will implement the new playout automation system for four transmission chains: German-speaking TV channels SF1, SF2, SFInfo and one reserve channel (to be used as a rescue channel). It will be based on an active/active security cluster to ensure the highest security. The system is expected to be on air by first quarter of 2012.

Similar to the requirements for RSI and RTS, tpc put a special emphasis on high quality audio. Among other functionalities, VEDA Automation will allow the provision of audio live from the source in order to provide high-quality sound in 5.1 and stereo.

“In order to ensure high homogeneity with the technologies used in other parts of the group, VEDA was a natural choice for the HD broadcast centre in Zurich,” said Jens Schulz, project manager at tpc.

Béatrice Lennoz Gratin (pictured), sales area manager at SGT, added: “We are very proud that SRG SSR has confirmed its confidence in SGT and has chosen VEDA also for the playout system of the German-speaking SRF channels. Thanks to its advanced features, adaptability and openness, VEDA integrates seamlessly into the IT broadcast environment at SRF and will interface with all existing and to-be-deployed systems.”

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