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SGO showcasing Mistika at 3D Revolution Theatre

8 February 2012
SGO showcasing Mistika at 3D Revolution Theatre

A presentation by BSkyB and a case study based around the Blackpool Tower 4D Experience film (pictured) will be part of the line-up at the 3D Revolution Theatre, of which SGO is again a key sponsor.

This year, the SGO Mistika sessions will feature two striking presentations. The first by BSkyB on the Continuing Developments for 3D in broadcast by online stereographer Francisco Ramos will include BSkyB’s new Stereo 3D test card and various new projects for television. The second will be a case study of the Blackpool Tower 4D Experience film, courtesy of production company Sharp Cookies. All aspects of the 4D film, from production through to post, and how Mistika was used at the heart of the post-production process, will be presented.

The Francisco Ramos session takes place on 14 February at 1pm, while the Mistika case study commences at 4pm on 15 February.

Director of SGO Global Sales & Operations, Geoff Mills, commented: “SGO has become a proud and regular sponsor of BVE’s 3D Revolution Theatre, which gives visitors the unique opportunity to witness first-hand accounts from top stereographers and colourists. They also get to see in stunning Stereo 3D why Mistika is deservedly the system of choice for outstanding productions in the UK, and all around the world, across all genres for both broadcast and film.”

Tickets for the 3D Revolution Theatre can be obtained from the registration desk on the day at the show.

[Image Credit: Blackpool Tower 4D Experience, Sharp Cookies Ltd (Courtesy of Merlin Entertainments Group Ltd)]

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