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SGO’s MAMBA FX available on Linux

19 February 2014
SGO’s MAMBA FX available on Linux

SGO has released the Linux version of its MAMBA FX. The software is now available on Linux for all 64-bit distributions on PC hardware of various configurations.

Launched at IBC2013, Mamba FX is SGO’s compositing software that displays a node-based graphic interface delivering an integral visual effects suite with compositing layers and effects. Mamba FX features a range of effects as standard, and can also be extended with OFX plug-ins or additional options from SGO. These include DCP creation and access to SGO’s stereo correction tools.  

“SGO’s innovative development reflects our passionate commitment in delivering the best to all compositors,” commented SGO’s CEO Miguel Angel Doncel. “To be able run Mamba FX on various platforms such as Linux really benefits our users. Many customers informed us that they needed to be able to operate Mamba FX on Linux for affordability and seamless flexibility.  Mamba FX for Linux now delivers this.”

Mamba FX is available to order online from SGO’s website, which also provides access to tutorials and forum support.

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