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SGO offers Mamba FX for Mac

31 March 2014
SGO Mamba FX logo

SGO has announced that it will be launching its new compositing software Mamba FX on Mac OS. The new open node-based compositor already runs on Windows and Linux.

Mamba FX aims to offer an entire visual effects suite, including keying, tracking, painting and restoration. The software’s node-based graphic interface provides unlimited layers and effects, with composting ‘trees’ generating plain text files describing the chain of processes used that can be scripted and manipulated to automate functions and workflows. Mamba FX can also run other options including SGO’s stereo 3D toolset.

The compositor has an open file structure so that it can be more easily integrated into an existing workflow alongside other systems. Composites generated on Mamba FX integrate with SGO’s Mistka, turning Mistika into the hub of a multi-user production process. Conforming, high-end finishing, grading and client review facilities can be performed within Mistika while numerous Mamba FX systems share a centralised storage and file system to create an integrated pipeline.

Miguel Angel Doncel, SGO’s CEO said, “To be able to run Mamba FX on various platforms significantly broadens its appeal. SGO’s multifaceted development approach is designed to invite everyone to enjoy the Mamba FX experience and widen the fast-growing community. I am delighted with the fact that Mac users from all over the world will soon reap the benefits of SGO’s technology as well. Mamba FX brings convenience, flexibility and affordability to all our customers.”

The software can be purchased from the SGO website.

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