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SGO Mistika for Kylie Aphrodite post

1 November 2011
SGO Mistika for Kylie Aphrodite post

London-based editing house Preditors used SGO’s Mistika system during post-production work on Kylie Aphrodite – Les Folies in stereo 3D and 2D for Sky TV and Cinema.

Spectacular stage set choreography, enhanced by stereoscopic technology, made the latest Kylie tour ideal for the 3D concert experience. The show was filmed and produced by Blink TV over two nights at London’s O2 Arena using 3D camera rigs, with additional 2D cameras for the 2D edit. Preditors then handled the post-production duties, including editing, grading and finishing.

Preditors’ workflow involved the digitisation and processing of media for 3D offline editing. Nine angles running in multi-clip in 3D could be viewed – essential when editing a 3D production. Multiple suites were in operation for the editing of 3D multicam footage, which they switched to 2D using the 3D edit as a base for the 2D cut.

Due to various distribution outlets in both 2D and stereo 3D, it was necessary to create five different master versions. Convergence was adjusted for cinema and television versions, with cutdowns needing to maintain all convergence and grade settings throughout the process. Mistika’s new ability to re-link back to renders, with all adjustable parameters intact, enabled Mistika stereographer Ross Copeland to achieve the various versions; masters went back into offline for cutdowns before returning to Mistika for finishing.

In total, Copeland – who singled out the new Mistika automated stereoscopic image-matching tool, Equalize, for particular praise – post-produced a two-hour 3D cinema version, a 3D Blu-ray, a Sky 3D seven-part break version, and a Sky HD 2D format.

Reg Wrench – who edited both 3D and 2D versions with fellow Preditors co-owner James Collett – commented: “Preditor’s Mistika suite enables us to post-produce high quality Stereo 3D programmes and content, such as this high profile project we have just completed. We have developed a streamlined workflow for 3D projects, including multi-cam projects, off-lining and finishing in Mistika.”

Preditors footage from the project can be viewed on its website:

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