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Sennheiser’s new shotgun microphones

23 March 2011
Sennheiser’s new shotgun microphones

Sennheiser will present its two new MKH series shotgun microphones at NAB, the compact MKH 8060 microphone and the long MKH 8070 gun microphone (pictured), both of which can be used in either the analogue or digital domain. The MKH 8060 is a versatile microphone designed for use as a camera mike or boom mike and is suited to outdoor recordings and studio applications for film and TV; and the MKH 8070 is a specialist microphone for distant sound sources, at home in the broadcasting sector, particularly for sports reporting and nature recordings. Kai Lange, Sennheiser’s product manager for professional wired microphones, says it was important to make sure the new MKH shotguns had a natural, lifelike sound. “Sound engineers are often faced with the problem that shotgun microphones can discolour the sound if they do not precisely hit the sound source,” explains Lange. “For that reason, the MKH 8060 and MKH 8070 are designed in a way that the sound signal only becomes quieter if the sound source does not lie on the axis of the microphone. Uniform damping over all frequencies prevents colourations from occurring.” Stand C2055

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