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Senna brings Lightstation to its first BVE

17 January 2014
Senna brings Lightstation to its first BVE

Senna Innovation Factory will exhibit at BVE London for the first time showing DSLR and movie equipment, and will be launching its new product, Lightstation, at the show.

Lightstation is the first total recall wireless LED light system. The system comprises four LED light panels and a wireless controller which enables the user to set, store and recall different light presets and scenes. There are three different presets available for each of the four different light channels, and one or more LED panels can be set to one channel. The settings include dimmer control and colour temperature. There are also master settings for storing six different light scenes, meaning that the user can set and store six different combinations of light presets for the LED panels. Fade speed control between light scenes is adjustable. Strobe and running lights, with adjustable speed are also available. Each LED light panel has 528 LEDs, producing 2000LUX.

Each Lightstation kit includes four LED panels, wireless controller, four white diffusers, four different honeycomb grids, six filters in different colours, eight batteries with four chargers, four tripods and a flight case.

"I am very proud to launch our Lightstation product at BVE London,” said Senad Galijašević, founder and CEO of Senna. “It gives us an opportunity to show the UK broadcast and movie industries and the videography sector that Senna is a source of creative, innovative and well thought out products that are very well engineered, and yet come at a fair price. I invite you to come and see Lightstation and other exciting products like our Auto Dolly – the only camera dolly in the world that allows the operator sitting on the dolly to control the camera and move the dolly at the same time. We will also show the All Recall Focus Duo and the Five Second Head."

Senna has been creating broadcast equipment and camera robotics for the past decade. The company has launched production tools for DSLR users, aiming to produce lightweight and easy-to-use wireless devices.


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