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Sencore bringing new modulator to IBC

19 July 2011

The SMD 989 DVB-S/S2 modulator (pictured) offers what Sencore describes as unprecedented efficiency, flexibility and reliability for all manner of satellite digital video delivery applications, writes Ian McMurray.

The modulator’s intuitive user and remote interfaces are designed to ensure fast set-up and effortless system integration, while ASI and IP inputs come as standard. A mix of built-in and optional features give the operator the required functionality and the ability to access advanced modes when required.

The SMD 989 platform supports VCM multi-stream without the need for external stream ‘aggregators’. Advanced S2 modes such as 8PSK, 16APSK, and 32APSK are available to optimise transponder use and minimise operating expense.

Sencore will also draw visitors’ attention to the IRD 3000 series of integrated receivers/decoders (IRD), which are described as cost-effective solutions for distributing video services on IP, satellite, and ASI networks for terrestrial, satellite, cable and IPTV broadcast environments. Sencore’s IRD line is designed to support SD applications, allowing operations to leverage their existing SD infrastructures while ensuring an easy software upgrade to HD for future expansion.

The IRD 3000 family supports satellite, MPEGoIP and ASI inputs. SDI and composite outputs come standard with BISS and DVB-CI-based decryption.


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