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SeeSense reveals new HD zoom lens

19 June 2012
SeeSense reveals new HD zoom lens

Miniature camera specialist SeeSense has made available a brand new high definition miniature zoom lens, the Z10-HDCF. The new lens complements all 1/3² C-mount miniature HD cameras offered by SeeSense including the Toshiba IK-HR1S, IK-HR1H (1-CMOS) and IK-HD1 (3-CCD). The 10X 7.5 ­ 75mm F1.8 ­ 16 HD motorised zoom produces zoom angles of 38.5°-3.85°. It weighs only 313 grammes with a footprint of only 45 x 44 x 88mm. The Z10-HDCF comes with an interchangeable rear lens assembly that permits use with 1/3² 1-CCD (and 1-CMOS) as well as 3-CCD cameras. Furthermore the lens is available in 2/3² 1-CCD format, being a 14-140mm F3.4 lens with a similar angle of view. SeeSense MD Nigel Paine said, “Initial results indicate that the picture quality from this new lens is stunning. Several large users have already seen the lens and are in discussions to order quantities from the first production run.” Manufactured by lens specialists Resolve Optics, SeeSense has been appointed as an official distributor for the new zoom lens as well as other products in their range.

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