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Seamless switching from Ensemble

13 September 2013
Seamless switching from Ensemble

A new compact router, the BrightEye NXT, provides a clean way to integrate a mix of SDI and HDMI cameras and other sources in a live event and is being showcased by Ensemble Designs.

The latest BrightEye features built-in clean switches to provide seamless video and audio switching of all sources, including those that are asynchronous.

Switches are instantaneous, even when using HDMI sources, while the company said pops, glitches and flashes would be eliminated with the router’s built-in frame syncs. A front panel LCD displays realtime full motion video of the router sources, while the outputs can be fed to projectors, flat screens and production equipment.

The BrightEye NXT 410 has four HDMI inputs, one HDMI output, two dedicated SDI inputs, two dedicated SDI outputs, one flexible SDI port that can be either an input or output, and a SFP (small format pluggable) port that can be fibre or mini BNC. It accepts 3G, HD and SD signals. A signal can come in as HDMI and be output as SDI, and vice versa, with the output format following the inputs.

The NXT 410 sports illuminated front panel buttons and can be configured from the front panel or via a web browser. Video thumbnails of the router sources can also be viewed on the web browser control window, with thumbnails updated several frames per second. An internal test pattern generator provides bars without tying up router inputs.

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