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Scripps streamlines with Miranda

16 December 2010
Scripps streamlines with Miranda

Scripps Networks is introducing more streamlined graphics workflows across its popular specialty channels (Food Network, Travel Channel, Cooking Channel, etc), using a Vertigo XG graphics system from Miranda.
Scripps Networks’ facility in Knoxville, Tennessee, has just completed installation of 26 Vertigo XG graphics processors, as part of a project which began in 2007 to upgrade the graphics capabilities for 14 SD and HD feeds.
“We needed a smarter solution for graphics, which would integrate tightly with our traffic, promotion, asset management and automation systems,” explained Peter Franks, director of design and motion services at Scripps Networks.
“With the Vertigo Suite workflow tools, multiple graphics layers, and tight integration with our automation, Miranda’s Vertigo XG has enabled us to deliver the more complex graphics we need, without having to add headcount to our graphics team.
“What’s great from a commercial perspective is that we no longer need to type in every single character, render every graphic, proof every bit of text, or go through a lengthy approval process, in order to execute a snipe’, added Franks. “We can now drive our graphics from a spreadsheet full of data, which automatically populates After Effects files and graphics template fields, which the Vertigo XG can play to-air. This graphics automation saves us a considerable amount of time.”

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