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Screen offers 4K subtitling

19 April 2013
Screen offers 4K subtitling

Gold Sponsor of TVBEurope’s Beyond HD Masters 2013 conference Screen showcased its 4K subtitling capabilities at this year’s NAB. With the advent of HD, Screen’s Polistream Black played a significant role as a preferred subtitle transmission system, a trend that has continued throughout the HD switchover. According to Screen, 4K is all about improving the visual quality of content on larger screen and subtitling needs to match the improved image quality so as not to diminish the viewer experience. Screen has harnessed the scalability of its Polistream Black system to transmit quality 4K subtitles in readiness. Screen’s solution benefits from fewer hardware units, lower power consumption and an embedded operating system. The key software features include an improved visual interface, software attack protection, multiple item selection via tagging and improved logging.

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