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Screen behind Live Cinema Season’s Subtitling

22 October 2012
Screen behind Live Cinema Season’s Subtitling

Screen has unveiled that it is the chosen supplier for the technical infrastructure behind the subtitling of the new Royal Opera House 2012/13 Live Cinema Season, which includes nine productions to be broadcast live across 32 countries in over 900 cinemas. Each year the number of cinema sites in the UK alone that carry Royal Opera House screenings is steadily increasing, with more than 240 sites in the UK taking the entire new Royal Opera House Cinema Season. Swan Lake opens the season tomorrow. Simon Hailes, Screen’s CTO said: “Live multi-language subtitling will always pose a challenge; where Screen’s expertise comes in to play however is in of course providing the best solution but keeping the process as simple and low-risk as possible for the user.” The subtitles for each of the productions are pre-created and the languages required for the particular opera or ballet are delivered and loaded ready for transmission. Once the initial simple set-up is complete, subtitling the live broadcast of the production is then a straightforward matter of pressing one button to simultaneously cue each subtitle irrespective of broadcast location or language. “The beauty of our Polistream Black subtitle transmission system is that its powerful yet streamlined design fits the touring solution brief perfectly,” said Hailes. “The physical dimensions of the equipment are minimal, keeping the weight as low as possible, and its solid state storage technology and embedded XP operating system makes it incredibly resilient to being moved around.”

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