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SCRATCH and SCRATCH Lab v7 now available

26 November 2012
SCRATCH and SCRATCH Lab v7 now available

Assimilate is now shipping the next generation of its SCRATCH and SCRATCH Lab products. SCRATCH v7 features a new suite of 3D compositing tools that integrate into its colour grading, data management and finishing system to allow far faster, more fluid and more cost-effective DI sessions, known as Creative DI. Assimilate claims SCRATCH v7 is the first realtime, client-attended toolset in the industry to deliver a consistent, integrated user-interface across both production dailies and creative DI, and that this consistency offers a synergy between production and post production that enables directors and producers to enhance creativity while improving productivity. SCRATCH Lab v7 meets the challenges of managing media and metadata from any number of different cameras into a single timeline, syncing audio whether you have accurate timecode or not, colour correcting and creating looks in realtime, and providing rendering simultaneously for many different deliverable formats for review and

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