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ScheduALL rides the Wave

8 October 2007

Wave Production Studios, an award-winning, London audio post house, has been pointing out the advantages of using ScheduALL production and operations management software to create new efficiencies in its bookings and invoicing processes.

At Wave, ScheduALL replaces a manual and paper-based process by which all incoming bookings were handwritten into the bookings roster. Once bookings were confirmed, studio personnel would complete a paper job sheet that would be handed off to the engineer for completion. Upon completion of the project, the job sheet was returned to the bookings department to be finalised and totalled, then forwarded to accounts receivable for invoicing.

“Our old way of working was very time consuming, and clients often had to wait long periods before receiving their costs,” said Warren Hamilton, founder and managing director of Wave Production Studios.

The new system sees ScheduALL software automate the booking and invoicing process from start to finish for up-to-the-minute status reporting and faster customer service. Wave personnel enter bookings information into the system, which then automatically routes the information electronically to the assigned engineer. At any point in the workflow, studio personnel can access complete information about the job and its status.

“Now, as soon as the booking has been completed, we can view any information and approximate costs at the touch of a button. It’s an extremely efficient way of working,” said Hamilton. “With ScheduALL, we’re able to maximise our resources for greater productivity and more accurate billing – and we’re able to be more responsive to our customers in the bargain.”

“Wave Production Studios is a textbook example of a dynamic production environment and a company that understood how ScheduALL’s functionality could help it be more proactive in managing areas of the business for profound benefits,” said Roger Kleckner, vice president of strategic development at ScheduALL. “In only five months, Wave has been able to go to the next level of productivity and customer service.”

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