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ScheduALL puts trust in cloud

20 April 2010
ScheduALL puts trust in cloud

ScheduALL has released AVvA, a free Web-based platform that connects anyone from the individual contractor to large enterprises for collaboration in realtime.

With AVvA, freelancers, equipment providers, truck companies and others can make their services, resources and specific pricing available selectively or to the entire AVvA partner network at no cost. Broadcast and media companies can identify resources by specialty, location, and price and anyone in the industry can connect with any other party.

“AVvA extends ScheduALL’s core technology to the industry at large – increasing efficiencies through better visibility, tracking, and reporting – individual freelancers and contractors, as well as larger suppliers within the broadcast and media supply chain can now connect and collaborate on projects and assignments through the AVvA platform,” said Joel Ledlow, ScheduALL CEO. “When you’re forced to work with the tight budgets we see today, being able to quickly find and contract with the right resource at exactly the right place and time can be the difference in profitability.”

With AVvA, individuals and companies use one platform that’s available anywhere with an Internet connection eliminating the need for the patchwork of e-mail and phone calls required today to find, contract, schedule, manage, and report on different partners for different projects and assignments.

AVvA is built on Microsoft .net and uses Microsoft Silverlight to deliver a Rich Internet Application (RIA) experience. This gives users the look and feel of a desktop application through any browser with the free, widely-available Microsoft Silverlight plug in. And as a hosted service, back-ups and updates are managed centrally, reducing or eliminating infrastructure and technical resources needed to support far-reaching operations.

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