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Scandinavia’s first live action 3D

18 February 2011
Scandinavia’s first live action 3D

Children’s fantasy film Magic Silver 2 has begun shooting in Norway. Due for release in Dec 2011 the £2.7million production is Scandinavia’s first live action 3D feature, writes Adrian Pennington.

Directed by Arne Lindtner Naess and produced by Jorgen Storm Rosenberg and Lasse Greve Alsos the production is supported by over £1million from the Norwegian Film Institute.

Matt Smith, of UK 3D specialists Vision3, has been appointed to handle the stereography. The film is being shot on Reds (supplied by Take2 Films), and mounted on Element Technica’s Quasar rig, SI2K cameras are being used for specialist shots.

Zoom lenses and variable primes will be used to ensure the time spent on lens changes is kept to a minimum, of particular importance on this shoot since some filming is taking place underground in sub-zero temperatures.

Magic Silver 2 is the first live action 3D production to follow the Norwegian government’s ongoing investment into the country’s film industry. Nearly $100 million has been made available so far and the implementation of 3D enabled digital screens has been encouraged in cinemas across the country.

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