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SBP into Euro sports with Pro-Bel

7 February 2006

Market leading Italy-based OB services provider SBP has purchased and installed Pro-Bel routing and control technology in its new HD truck. The deal was secured and has been overseen by Pro-Bel’s long-term Italian partner, Video Progetti.

SBP, which has offices in Rome, Milan and Turin and is the largest OB services supplier in Italy, works for broadcasters across Europe securing sports coverage across the continent. The new truck – which is now going through final testing – is a fleet-leading 24-camera HD vehicle. This is the first of its kind in Italy and represents a major commitment to the European sports coverage market. SBP has more than 15 vehicles already operational. The project is led by SBP Technical Director Sergio Nuvoloni, who has over 20 years’ experience in the industry and has been instrumental in constructing SBP’s current fleet.

The vehicle was built by Smiths Coachbuilders in the UK, with wiring work carried out by Sony. At its heart sit two of the Pro-Bel routers – a Sirius 256 x 256 HD and Freeway 128 x 128 AES – operating under Pro-Bel’s Aurora control system.


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