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Samsung Galaxy supported by Streambox software

19 June 2013
Samsung Galaxy supported by Streambox software

Samsung Galaxy Android Camera and StreamboxME Pro Software can now be used in combination to provide video for streaming, on-air broadcast and sharing via Facebook or Twitter.

Streambox now supports the Samsung Galaxy Android Camera for video streaming to web and mobile devices, using the Streambox Live service. StreamboxME pro software can be downloaded from Google Play to the Galaxy camera, allowing users to stream live video to the web, mobile devices, or directly to a Streambox Decoder for live on-air video playout.

“Samsung Galaxy Android Camera with StreamboxME Pro software using our cloud-based Streambox Live Service, is a complete solution that allows non-technical users to stream high quality videos from the field,” said Bob Hildeman, CEO of Streambox. “Most recently, a customer used this solution at the Tour of California to capture high quality video of the bike race from the back of a moving vehicle. The live video stream was sent to a website where viewers could watch high quality video of the lead racers from a part of the course that otherwise was unable to stream live content.”

The Samsung Galaxy Android camera is a new type of connected video centric android device that works with the SteamboxME Pro application for delivering live and file-based video and picture. The device can be used for live streaming and video sharing for social media, breaking news, events, distance learning, enterprise and industry video acquisitions and collaborations.

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