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S4M adds Rhozet

18 August 2009

Harmonic’s Rhozet Carbon Coder universal transcoding system has been selected by Solutions for Media GmbH for its video production management system, VPMS.

With the integration of the Rhozet Carbon Coder, S4M is now offering its customers a flexible production system with video effects support. This capability is particularly useful for newsgathering organisations that need a quick way to add video effects, such as wipes and fades, within the VPMS solution.

Deployed by private and public service broadcasters throughout Europe, S4M’s VPMS supports the management of digital video assets from acquisition through production to playout, distribution and archiving. The integration of Rhozet Carbon Coder technology with S4M’s VPMS streamlines the video production process for broadcasters where time-to-air is critical, letting them add video effects during the transcoding process to deliver compelling video content quickly.

“The collaboration with Rhozet was crucial for us to achieve our goal to enhance VPMS with video effects capabilities,” said Holger Noske, S4M’s VP Digital Media Management. “Rhozet’s engineering team has the extensive and necessary video technology expertise, and a proven track record that can help us bring this capability to the market.”

“We were happy to help S4M provide their customers, who need to deliver video content under tight deadlines, the tools to do more than rough cuts. Now even a quickly produced news segment looks much more professional,” said David Trescot, Vice President of the Rhozet Business Unit at Harmonic Inc.

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